MacBook Pro harddisk replacement

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Re: i recently did this and researched hard core

Darren Greer wrote:

As I said, it is only in my humble opinion not to go WD I've only
had 2 drives fail on me, and they have both been WD. My mother has
only had one fail, and it was WD. My ex-manager has had one fail on
him, and it was WD. Based on my knowledge and circumstances, I'll
avoid WD. But, to each their own, and I would not fault anyone for
going with the best price they can find, and WD definitely competes
very well in that arena.

Did you consider the OEM source of the computers? If we order 40 computers and they come with brand A drives we only see brand X drives fail, same for another 40 with brand Y and only that brand fails. If I have a site that orders a particular brand or model of computers that only source brand A computers that only source brand Z drives they only see brand Z fail.

Over several years now I've only seen one brand that truly failed more, that brand was bought by another company and their current products don't stand out with failures. You, your mother, your manager = 3 seats. My associates and I babysit 2000+ users, many servers and other devices with hard drives and we see the reality of very few hard drive makers and surprisingly good reliability for an item with moving parts.

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