Any 35-100mm users have UV filters on your glass?

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But I am not using UV filters, but clear protectors. I used Hoya Pro1 Digital, now I am using Heliopan SH-PMC, which are the best filters I know. I was happy when using Pro1 filters, but I recommend to consider best available filters to be used on best available lenses (as 35-100). If I leave aside Heliopan brand new Hoya HD looks promising.

Clear protector filters are a bit less risky to some kind of decreasing of IQ, because it is only coated glass. UV filters also doesn't provide actual lenses with any kind of benefit, I think.

No side effects (both with Hoya and Heliopan), no lowering resolution (or IQ in general), no flares, no nothing (of course, there must be some kind of decreasing IQ as it is with each glass, but you will not find it even when pixel-peeping).

Some B+W filters tends to flare, especially polarizers.

Why I am using protector filters? To protect the lens - against dust everytime, against scratches or water when shooting outside. First lens element is the only one thing you could quite easily damage (e.g. scratch coating) and it is also much more simple to cleanse filter than front lens element. I will never shoot concerts or other live-gigs without protector filters, I found many things on filters after shooting, quite often cigarettes . The last reason is that when you use filter, you doesn't need lens cap. I simply don't use caps, which is much more comfortable and once I scratch the filter I just change it for new one (but coatings are better and better and today it is not so easy to scratch it).

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