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Re: lx3 handstrap

john10001 wrote:

Can anyone suggest a good strong handstrap for the LX3? I just don't
do neckstraps.

I still have a few things to get for my LX3 the handstrap being just
one of them. I'm hoping to have more luck with that than I have of
finding the type of case I like.


I suspect you've made your choice since you started this thread a month ago. But for others I thought I'd share my thoughts. I too eschewed neck straps for mini cameras until I got my FX01. It was the first camera that I could stuff in a shirt pocket. Ultimately the supplied wrist strap went on my cell phone and a 3/8" wide black cloth neck strap with a quick disconnect clip to a string (exactly like the Gordy string wrist strap connector) that was originally bought as a lanyard for a mini flashlight ended up on the FX01. It has provided a degree of security a wrist strap simply can't while carrying it.

So the notion of a strong lightweight unobtrusive strap for my soon to be delivered LX3 was one I contemplated. The bundled cloth strap appears too wide for the compact LX3. What finally occurred to me was that I had on hand a spare brand new high quality black glove-leather strap with grommets for a pair of vintage binoculars which should make an ideal strap for the LX3! Their design is exactly like these horsehide military grade straps:

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