What colour would YOU like your G2 / FZ60 / FZ29 / FZ9 ????

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What colour would YOU like your G2 / FZ60 / FZ29 / FZ9 ????

People's reasons for their G1 colour choices are fascinating, e.g.:

Black - "It's a kinda DSLR, got to be black to be cool, kinda pro", "Wouldn't be seen dead with a coloured camera".
Blue - "I like it."

Red - "I ordered blue, but they sent me red, but it's OK."

So the emphasis is on how people will see it . . . but do you want people to see it, or do you want them not to notice it? Do you want impressive, or unobtrusive?

There are so many cameras around these days that a lot of people are fed up with people pointing cameras at them, so unobtrusive may be a good idea. And also for wildlife photography.

None of the G1's colours are unobtrusive . . . black, blue and red cameras stand out like a vicar in a lap-dancing joint. Not to mention all those black camera cases - if you don't wear black, they scream out "Camera!!!!".

So personally I would like my FZ9 to be a camouflage colour all over, perhaps a matt, soft olive green, to be unobtrusive in town or country, with no black areas, no chrome lines, no bright wheels or buttons. Just matt, soft olive green. Or some other similar camouflage solution.

Wristwatches are a parallel universe:

On the left, a Breitling in a shop window at £4665 (I could get 9.33 G1 kits for that price here in UK).

On the right, my battered Casio that I bought for £15 around 15 years ago . . . I love it, it looks like I am about to invade by parachute at night, into deep water. It is matt, soft olive green and brown.

What do you think? About the cameras, that is, not the wristwatches.

FZ8, F20

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