The F707 will be history

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Re: The F707 will be history

20 year old SLR film cameras can produce the same results as the latest crop available. Film and zoom lenses have improved over the years and the old cameras are compatible with them (not every model can use the latest lenses). Prosumer digital cameras have fixed lenses and sensors, you can't take advantage of future improvements. The F707 image quality will probably satisfy most users photographic needs regardless of future improvements. However, all prosumer digital cameras have some glaring shortcomings in their feature sets. Users that need flexible flash options (I'm one of them) find the F707 a major disappointment. This is one desired improvement (may not happen) that would prompt me to upgrade to the next model. There are also many minor annoyances that would not push me to chuck it.

As to cost of upgrading. Early last year I decided to make the jump into the digital camera arena to supplement my 35mm (I have a film scanner so I have been "digital" for several years). It came down to the Nikon 990 and Kodak DC4800, Kodak dropped their price and offered a $100 rebate along with a Dell 20% discount and no sales tax brought the price down to half that of the 990. I bought the DC4800. Then the F707 came out and the ridiculous Sears PM. I sold my DC4800 on eBay for more than I paid for it and PM'ed the F707 for $140 difference. If the F707 replacement looks desirable I don't think I'll have any problem selling the old one for close to what I paid for it.

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