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Re: Total MORON

Ask Ken. I can't speak for him. I know he's stated that he's done pretty well for himself, and having lived in San Diego and knowing the area where he lives I can attest to his success; and since he's achieved that from being a photographer, I'd say that he has at least earned some street credibility, like him or not. I will tell you this though: I like his pictures. If you didn't know he shot them, you might like them too. Heck, your stuff looks pretty cool to me too, and I would bet that Ken might like your work as well.

But you don't seem to think Ken's worthy of an opinion. Is your work so great that you are hands-down the better photographer? I bet Ken wouldn't say that about you.

Is your research in to camera gear, light, film, photographic technology, the human eye, etc. so immense that it dwarfs Ken's? If so, why don't you start dispensing some of your learned observations so we can see how it's supposed to be done. I bet Ken wouldn't say all kinds of insulting things about you.

Anyone can sit on the sidleines and insult the players, but if you want to be worthy of any serious consideration, get out on the field of battle and let's see what you can deliver.

Besides, this is supposed to be fun. Remember? Fun?

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A picture is worth a thousand words, but experience is worth a thousand pictures.

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