Ken rockwell has spoken...

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Steve Bingham
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Re: Ken rockwell has spoken...

Please read the whole article! Find the 10 glaring mistakes that can easily mislead amateurs. The dissemination of erroneous information to hundreds or readers is not a cool thing. To make matters worse, these same beginners often quote him as proof that they are correct. "Ken says . . ." has been a joke for years - and PERHAPS he even knows this - or maybe not. In any case, most of his readers don't.

MuumiTroll wrote:

You guys are just silly ... Ken Rockwell articles are NEVER meant to
you ... cmon, you are the D3, D3x people, mostly professionals or
very advanced ... why you think Ken speaks these things to YOU ???

If he says something like "100$ camera is all you need ...", then its
silly to start compare your 4000$-8000$ camera needs ... But everyday
home user really dont need so expensive camera ... this camera doesnt
improve their pics.

In same time, in some article Ken does more serious tests or
overviews also ... but he mix them with all kind of level users. Just
read what you need to you or want to know, dont take everything like
total true.

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