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Re: Bravo!

AGoodBuzz wrote:

A person of humility and intelligence. You are obviously secure
enough in yourself to see truth through the smoke, and stay calm in
the fire.

Some people should read a little Kipling:
A picture is worth a thousand words, but experience is worth a
thousand pictures.

truth is, that only people who cannot afford it but actually want to play with the new toy are complaining loudest. The people that actually make money with a camera like that, just buy it, use it and earn money with it.

Nobody is complaining when porche is releasing a 200 grand car, but if nikon is releasing a flagship dslr for 8 grand, all of a sudden the earth is too small!

Almost nobody will ever see or drive a 200 grand porche, so will alot of people not own or need or use a 8 grand 25 MP dslr, maybe in a few years time, when the high ends move on to other resolution. Although, ofcourse there IS a physical limit at high MP for small format!

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