Ken rockwell has spoken...

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Re: Ken rockwell has spoken...

netquadphoto wrote:

I love reading these posts of total bashing of "reviewers." In my
opinion, Ken Rockwell's reviews have some entertainment value... it's
his own website/blog with very personal
thoughts/judgements/opinions... the more you guys talk about it and
more will check out his website... viral marketing... pure genius!

The bad thing is that newbies do not have the knowledge to detect all the many lies and misinformation from Ken The Liar.

On the serious side though, Thom Hogan, I believe, has better reviews
on his website...

Well, Thom HAS reviews, in the sense of actually having handled the gear he reviews. And of course having knowledge which enables him to really test gear and to state his findings and opinions in a professional and very readable way. All things which Ken The Liar lack.

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