My first movie with EOS 5D Mark II

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Johan Forssblad Junior Member • Posts: 29
Re: Jerky motion

This just shows you need control over the whole workflow from capture to presentation to give a nice result. The workflow is way more difficult and important with video than still photos.

I guess many still photographers will be disappointed when trying to make movies with this camera. They will probably not get the result they are used to watch everyday on TV and cinema. To get a comparable result they will probably also need large tripods, rails, big crew, microphones which cost about the same as this camera body etc. not to forget a lot of skills and talent.

Nice video is a complete different world compared to photography. But with the 5DII people think they will just press a button to switch between taking a photo or making a film. It is way more difficult.

The sharper the images in the video the more difficult it will be to get a nice result! Stuttering motion, too fast pans, bad focusing, camera not moved smoothly; all will be more difficult with more resolution and demand better skills and equipment like better tripods, steadycam, better light, better sound etc. With this we may be able to make a fantastic end result! But it will probably be better to use a dedicated video camera if we intend to make video films regularly.

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