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Re: Homeless guy with mobile phone?

I understand there is a program in Australia where unemployed people receiving government support, who do not have access to a phone but are required to be contactable at any time by their job search/welfare agencies or forfeit their allowances, are provided with a free cell phone for that purpose. If the bartender already had a phone and didn't mention it to his support agency then that could explain how he had two. I would be surprised if the free basic model provided would have video capabilities though.

I was interested in this case because I thought it possible the police might be using this opportunity to set a precedent for street photography. On many Sydney beaches it is almost impossible to avoid partially clothed and even naked young children playing on the sand or at water's edge to be somewhere in a photo.

The potential of this case, if it had been successfully prosecuted, was to place the onus of proof on photographers to show they are NOT producing pornography when someone who doesn't like their children being in a picture, even if they are not the intended subject, gets upset and calls the police.

At the very least that would lead to self-censorship, and a loss for those of us who like to document everday life for our children and future generations.

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