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Re: The Messiah has spoken...

Evil_Sheep wrote:

"..this howler from today's page:

"Apocrypha suggest that Nikon DSLRs have had a well-deserved sales
spurt these past few years, mostly from my positive reviews of the
extraordinary D40."..."

What's so funny about that? Apocrypha is defined as "writings or statements of dubious authenticity".... Then he follows it with the word "suggests"... The way it reads to me, if we read together, is that he's saying that "writings or statements of dubious authenticity suggest that (he) is credited for Nikon's sales spurt".... Ridiculous, huh? Even HE thinks so, and he said so.

Or this:

"Of course I realized how foolish this all is, and realized this is
an exact analogy to show how silly the frettings of beginning

photographers are who worry about 8-bit versus 14-bit files.... Blah blah blah...

"There is a reason that virtually all pros shoot
RAW, and only amateurs like KR shoot JPG's. I can't believe he is
still trying to peddle this steaming load, particularly when memory
cards are unbelievably cheap these days (I just got 2GB for $5!!)"....

First of all, what does he stand to gain by stating his preference for JPEG? You make it sound like he's part of some vast conspiracy. He does mention that one good reason for shooting in RAW is if you don't want to or aren't good enough to get the shot right in the camera, and rely instead on PP, but he's only making a suggestion and not a statement of fact like you . But all that aside. Who cares if he shoots in JPEG? He shoots his pictures and makes his money. You shoot your pictures and.........? Only you know the answer to that.

"There is a reason KR insists that $5 cameras are as good as $30000
cameras: because in his hands they are. He doesn't have the talent to
make use of a $30,000 camera; his snapshots only test the
capabilities of a $5 camera."

I have to disagree with you there. First of all, I didn't hear HIM say that's why he saiys that, but all that aside, he has links to other photographers that have done beautiful shots on cell phone cameras. Many are easily as good as those on your photostream.

"Seriously, the proof is in the pudding: look at KR's photo galleries.
There are plenty of photographers even on this site who take better
shots than him."

Really? What makes a shot 'better'?

" He has zero talent as a photographer"

What qualifies you to make that judgement?

"Real pro photographers don't spend all day talking about gear and taking

pictures of lawn furniture like KR, they just go out, take great
photos, and publish them."

Ever attended workshops? Ever read product reviews by other photographers? Ever been to photography clinics by serious award winning pros? It's called 'professing', and REAL pro's do it: doctors, lawyers, scientists, and yes, photographers. And as far as lawn furniture goes, I can give you hundreds of links of 'real pro' photographers shots of park benches and the like.

Man, get over yourself dude. None of us are so great that we have the right to put others down. How would you feel if I talked about your work the way you talk about his?

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A picture is worth a thousand words, but experience is worth a thousand pictures.

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