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What do you do for hoods?

John Sheehy wrote:

oldwesterncowboy wrote:

can you use 2 step rings at a time?
i know, get a filter of the correct size, but for lenses i rarely use
it would be cheaper.

I would never say "get a filter of the correct size".

I would. I regard hoods as very important, and filters with adapters means you can't use the manufacturer's original hood.

I only buy
filters in two sizes; 58mm and 77mm. Every lens I own with a thread
less than 58mm has a permanent step up ring to 58mm, and a 58mm front
lens cap. Every thread between 58mm and 77mm gets a step-up ring to
77mm, and a 77mm front lens cap. I have a 58mm to 77mm step-up ring
for 77mm filters I don't care to duplicate for the 58mm group.

This makes it much easier to change lenses, as the lens cap in my
pocket can stay there as I switch between lenses with the same size
lens cap.

I notice that you didn't mention hoods at all...

You obviously can't use original bayonet hoods (either round or rectangular) with your step-up rings. And most third party screw in hoods don't work easily with lens caps.

Remember that a petal hoods (I used to have a rectangular hood on Voigtlander lens) block about 40% more stray light than round hoods, and that's assuming that the round hood is as long as it's possible to be for that particular lens without vignetting (petal hoods typically are).

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