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Set WB with filters...

oldwesterncowboy wrote:

i do have two questions about the "six"

i set my WB manually.

Manually, as in using a white card, gray card, or wb lens cap? Or by using setting the WB control on the camera to the appropriate value such as daylight, open shade, incandescent? Or do you set K values using a color temperature meter?

should i set the WB with or witout the filter?
i know you should without the polerizer and ND filters.

If you're setting your camera's white balance to settings like sun or shade, then you set them appropriately when using a ND, polarizer, split ND, soft focus, or enhancing filter. For the 80A set your WB to daylight if you're shooting under incandescent, and set it to incandescent if you're shooting by candlelight.

If you're using a white card, WB cap, etc. always set your white balance with the filter on. Even polarizers and neutral density filters aren't all that "neutral", and setting WB with the filter on can "fine tune" for whatever tint the filter brings.

can you use 2 step rings at a time?

I've used up to 6.

I once came into a bunch of step-up rings, and put together a lens hood from them. 52-55-58-62-72-77 or something like that.

The thing to watch out for is that you're not coming too far forward for wide angle lenses. And, of course, that you get good lens hoods appropriate for each step-up ring.

i know, get a filter of the correct size, but for lenses i rarely use
it would be cheaper.

Definitely. As long as you deal with the lens hoods.

You might want to judge by each lens's propensity to flare. If a lens flares easy, get it the correct size filter and use the manufacturer's hood, or get a step-up and use a use a Cokin "modular" hood or bellows hood.

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