Three LX3 questions:

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Re: Three LX3 questions:

Yehuda Katz wrote:

Is the sutter silent?


What size is a "typical" RAW file of LX3?

About 11MB, varies with aspect ratio, ISO and scene content (it is a losslessly compressed 12-bit RAW file).

Does ACR Ver. 4.6 (the latest on photoshop CS3) recognize LX3 RAW's?

No, only ACR 5.2 does. The new DNG converter can convert LX3 files to DNG for use in 4.6 but the RAW files are unusually large (nearly 3x as large as would be normal). Apparently the reason for this is that Panasonic insists that by default RAW converters do some lens distortion correction. Neither ACR nor DNG were ever conceived with this in mind (so much for omnipotent Adobe's claims that they can forecast everything that will ever happen in the future so please use their common RAW format...) so thus the somewhat silly solution for the DNG converter and ACR 4.6. There is talk that the DNG format will change in the future to support such features but I wonder if ACR 4 will every support such a format...

Thank you very much,

You're welcome very much!


I remember you from years and years ago on the Sony forum back when I had a Sony DSC-S85 - man that was ages ago!

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