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Re: Same front end

Marianne Oelund wrote:

bobn2 wrote:

Ken is wrong - the D3x costs Nikon less to make than the D3 because
it doesn't require the six AD9974 analog front end chips, which are
expensive, so it should cost $1000 less than the D3.

Both the D3 and D3X sensors are described by Nikon as "12-channel
readout" so I would expect both to have the same front end design.
The on-chip A/D converters aren't used (or may not even be present in
Nikon's variant).

No they aren't, you have to parse what they say very carefully. Read here:

It says specifically that the D3x has on-chip ADC's, and the sentence construction means that the 12 channel readout applies to just the D3. Similarly, the diagram here is labelled 'D3', and the text says nothing specific about 12 channel analog outputs. Moreover, the chip pinout appears to be identical with the A900. I have seen the 12 bit digital output of the A700/D300 referred to as '12 output channels', and I'd guess that's what's going on here - after all it's written by copywriters not technical authors.

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