5d mkII battery drainage problem

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Maciej Staroniewicz Junior Member • Posts: 46
5d mkII battery drainage problem


I have 5dmkII since last Friday (got it from Conns Cameras in Dublin, Ireland). I fully charged the battery, took few shots and left it in the bag overnight. Next day I found that the battery was almost completely drained - 6% left.

I thought that I had left the camera 'on' by mistake so I did a test to check what was happening.

I fully charged the battery and left it out of the camera overnight - it was still 100% charged in the morning. So, I put in the cam and went to work, came back after 10h and the battery was at 76%.

Is the battery faulty or is it the camera?
Sombody had exact same problem with the 50D:

Any thoughts? Anybody experienced the same problem?

Many thanks,


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