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Re: yes, and a 24.5MP sensor is cheaper than a 12MP?

the big studio and pro use all medim format back, cause for them 24 million are not enough, so they buy a phase one back.

anne leibovitz shoot with canon, but i'd like o know how much canon pays her to use canon, conrary she'll use hassy, and i have seen video she use it.

So big big medium studio will have the money to buy hassy and leica s, that will deliver far more quality than nikon d3x, and little studio won't have the momney to buy it.

in italy an hassy 31 with a lens go for 11000 euro plus vat. So considering you point
a studio won't save 3000 euro have an inferior tool for their job.

Miguel Barroso wrote:

I think is just pure economics... D3x client base, make huge amounts
of money (were are talking here, fashion magazines, advertising
companies, top photographers, etc - not the small ones... the really
big ones). For them , money is no object. They have payed price
premium for Canon 1DsIII and will pay for the D3x...

For me? well, I really think it's way out of my league, so I don't
even bother to think that its overpriced...

Now consider that you are a photographer, and you are payed
1,000Euros to take some pictures for a promotional campaign... well,
you certainly consider the D3x expensive...

if you get paid 10,000Eur for the same job, then the d3x might not be
so out of your league.

If you are at the top of the "food chain", your numbers start at the
hundreds of thousand, and the price of the D3x is irrelevant.

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