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Re: The reason there is no Dust Reduction is...

steve1984 wrote:
...that it would mean losing the 100% viewfinder coverage.

Dust reduction is just another gimmick for consumers and doesn't work
very well anyway so why is it such a big deal??

nosauten wrote:

...and I seriously with him. Nothing much more impressive than the d3
that would make me want to go out and get this. My disappointment is;
No dust reduction. No swivel LCD. I mean, come on, for 8
can offer a little more than just a tweaked firmware and a higher MP

"The D3X is the same thing as the D3, and the D3 is the better camera
for most shots. THe D3X only costs Nikon about $200 extra in parts
over the D3, which translates to $1,000 higher price at retail.
Someone wake me up when the price of the D3X gets in line with its
actual value, but for $8,000, everyone else is boycotting it, too."

probably because people want the same stuff as canon puts in their camera's. They don't come even up with something like: why don't i buy canon then?!

I'd be hard pressed if nikon is going to put video in a pro grade camera soon.

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