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A pro camera is something the does not much, is solid as a rock and cost a fortune. A pro-sumer camera is something that does allmost all and much, really much more then a Pro camera and is somewhat less solid build with an affordable price anyone can and is willed to pay for.

So, compare the A900 from Sony with the same sensor (yes, yes, Silvermann and Nikon say it's own developpment, but who believes with same external size and same pixel count and size). Now, just tell me an A900 is a prosumer and just tell me that for landscapes a Nikon makes better for just 4000$ more and I will die by laughing here.

You get an A900 with a top first lens and a perfect secondary for same price then a Nikon body alone, so don't you think that it's paying a bit too much for just a 51 points AF and a live view with a 920000 pixel screen. I think it turns nbot round in Nikon's brains. The D3X and D3 are exactly the same cameras and former D3 chip hacking revealed that the expeed engine was programmed for the 24.5 mpix senor long time ago. Now, I want you, the samrt guy with smart theories to explain me what is worth 3700$more on the Sony 25 mpix sensor compared to the 12.1 cmos of the D3.

Check Canon D5mk2 price and you fall back on your feet. Sorry, but boycotting this product is not necessary since it will do by it's own and those who pay that much have money have some to to waiste anyway. In that case, add 10000 more and you get a clean mid format gear with 28 mpix and then you are some worlds further away from what Nikon gives you here. Anyway, the price Nikon asks for the D3x is the best publicity they could make for the A900. All other questions and remarks concerning this issue are useless, Nikon'sprice says it all. THEY PLAY WITH OUR BELLS. (no it's not an ortho fault).

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