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Re: ™ Sunday Sports ™ Version 1.02 (IMGS)

Thanks for you kind words about my images.

Over the years I've kinda fumbled around and found a PP workflow that seems to work. It goes summat like this (Your mileage may vary of course, depending on what you're dealt):

  • Load images into LR and keyword

  • Edit the 400 or so frames down to about 30 and flag them

  • Export them to a workspace as .psd files

  • If the image is within a stop of being properly exposed, run Noiseware with the default settings, then autolevels (autolevels seems to do a reasonable job of fixing the last bit of colour cast, the E-3 does a way better job than the 510 with AWB)

  • If the image is too dark, autolevels then Noiseware (full if visual inspection indicates beaucoup noise, default otherwise)

  • Convert to LAB

  • Tweak the levels on the L channel, moving the black point in to where the histogram starts to ramp up, moving the white point in the same way, and set the centre slider to 1.18 (why? dunno, just looks right)

  • Tweak the curves. Sometimes I add a point on the L channel at input 45, output 50-60 depending on how much I want to pull out the midtones. I don't mind blowing out the ice, parents just want to see Billy.

  • Still in curves, move the endpoints of the a and b channels to (input output) 100,127 and -100,-128. This usually compensates for the loss of snap due to shooting through 3/4" of tempered glass. Got this idea from "The Canyon Conundrum", well worth a read.

  • Sometimes I'll sharpen the L curve only, 150, .5 1, other times not.

  • Convert back to RGB. If I haven't sharpened the L, I'll run UltraSharpen (now free, btw) using the default settings.

  • Save out to JPEG for posting to the gallery.

There are times where I'll run FocusMagic if I'm just a bit off and it's an important shot. It varies when I do this, sometimes after the LAB excitement, sometimes not. Sometimes I'll just run it on the L channel. It all depends.

There you have it. Silks purse out of sometimes a sows ear, especially at dim barns like Cardell Place. Hope this helps...

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