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Non Volatile Residue Comparison


An objective and fact finding video has been produced to demonstrate the levels of non volatile residue (NVR) found in many popular sensor filter cleaners. It uses an evaporation test used by chemical engineers to quickly evaluate NVR levels within a liquid. You can watch the video here:


All the products used in the video where bought straight off the retailer shelves. It might answer some questions you have regarding residue contamination.

Regarding mbernard answers, E2 is pure ethanol, it has no IPA in it. The Nikon sensor filter is held in place with an aluminum frame, not silicone. The sensor filter extends way past the sensor, 3mm on the sides and 5mm on the top and bottom.

The filter used in the video is from a Nikon D300. The white bars on the side of the filter are the vibration electronics. The green ruff areas on the top and bottom of the video is the sensor filter overlapping the sensor and its housing. We have looked all over the sensor housing and could not find any exposed silicone.

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The Dust-Aid Team

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