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Please beware of these people.

i placed an order for a Canon 50D and a 24-105 Canon lens. both US warranty on Nov. 9th, 2008. Admittedly they do have great prices. The merchandise was supposedly in stock. A sales person gave me a courtesy call to verify my shipping address. I thought this was odd since I gave it to them when i ordered. He immediately tried to HELP me by attempting to sell various accessories. When my order didnt come in the 7-9 business days as we agreed, i called the sales dept 3 times to upgrade to express shipping (as instructed by them). Each time i was RUDELY transferred very quickly to their customer (no) service line. After the first call and a 45 min wait i gave up and sent them a kind email. i sent several emails before getting a response about my $2,100.00+ order, they emailed me to tell me i would receive my order on the 21st of Nov.. It did not come so i emailed them back and was promised it would now come on the 25th. It still didnt show up. So i emailed them again on the 26th to give them them the advantage of the doubt. Today is Nov. 30th, 2008 and still no camera and lens or word from them.

I have since done some research on the company's business practices, which scared the poop out of me since they have already billed my credit card! I know this because i have already received my statement with the charges on it.

Now i hear that they have split up camera kits to other customers. (at least they had some kind of merchandise!).

I dont know what to do now that they have my money and i have no camera and lense after being lied to about the shipping dates...... Even if i get the camera now i am really worried it wont be new or what i should get in terms of camera and lense. DPReview recommends them as companies to buy from and i have sent them an email about my experience.

US1 could be incredibly successful if they had BOTH great prices and honest practices. They do not...... BEWARE !!!!!!!

If i owned that company i would make myself incredibly rich by doing the right thing!

mark turik

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