Which Ultra Compact (LX3/F500/F150/F37)

Started Nov 24, 2008 | Discussions thread
BigBarney Senior Member • Posts: 2,722
Your concerns about the LX3

You expressed two concerns about the suitability of the LX3 for your photographic needs:

Q1. Is it small enough to fit in your pocket?

A1. The physical dimensions alone would suggest that it will fit into most pockets, but one word of warning, the LX3 is quite a 'dense' camera in that it is so well made of metal that it seems almost too heavy for its physical size. I prefer to keep it hanging round my neck on the supplied neckstrap, which with some of my shirts is compatible with then keeping it in the breast pocket. Should it slip out the neckstrap keeps it from hitting the ground.

Q2. Is the zoom range large enough for your needs?

A2. I have looked at the images at the URLs you posted and it seems to me that all of them fall within the range (24-60mm at 35mm film camera equivalence) of the LX3. Only you can judge this though.

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