a900 + ISO 6400 = noisy mess?

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Re: Why would I want to under expose?

Hot Shoe wrote:

That's how you get into problems with noise. How I get there makes no
difference to me as long as the results work. All that I am doing is
correcting the exposure that the camera does based on the jpeg
settings in the camera. Of course I could take the same shot at ISO
3200. I can also take the same shot at ISO 100, it's just a matter of
shutter speed.

Here is the same crop from ISO 3200 using the same setup.

Sorry man, but I'm not going to let the camera think for me. I'll use
whatever setting work best for the shot and my style. Keep in mind
that I didn't buy the a900 for its high ISO use. This is just a
process of learning what the camera can do under different
circumstances and settings.

So this shot is RAW and the exposure setting in the RAW software was ZERO not -1 to drop it down from the +1 in shooting? If so I get what you are saying..
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