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Edalisse wrote:

Awesome! How'd you do that?

Thanks Eda

I first adjusted the contrast and lighting.

Made a selection of the sky and painted quick snow clouds.

For the basic snow on the roof, trees, and some of the grass I used the Hoar Frost routine…A channel mixer set to lighten and mono then adjust the red high say 200 the green a little less say 100 then reduce the blue something like –75 then adjust contrast as needed. Mask in what you need.

I then added more snow by just a white brush set to various blend modes and used blend if to let some grass peek back through...then added a little shadow here and there as needed.

The falling snow is two layers the first more dense and lower opacity the second less dense but bigger flakes and brighter...this is to mimic snow in the distance and up close.

You make the snow layers by filling with black…filling the black layer with noise...say 80 or more for the amount….then a blur more …then a levels adjustment…Moving in the black lessens density…the white increases brightness and a little size…and the center slider adjust overall brightness.

Hope this helps


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