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Re: TZ5 sample images

Erik Ohlson wrote:
Marty4650 wrote:

I really wouldn't even consider it for a 10X or 18X camera, but for a
4X or 5X camera it might come in very handy sometimes.

I'm not positive why you say you "wouldn't consider it for a 10x
camera" - it performs extremely well at 10x.


I phrased that poorly. I didn't mean that EOZ wouldn't work, or work well with a longer lens, just that it wouldn't be needed as often.

For example, before I got my TZ5.... my LX2 was my travel companion. And even though the LX2 is a wonderful camera, that 4X zoom isn't quite enough sometimes. So, I switch it into EOZ, and voila....5.7X! Now, if you really get desperate, and don't care about image quality you can actually turn the LX2 into a 25.4X zoom by combining optical zoom, digital zoom, and selecting a low resolution.

The TZ5 with it's wonderful 10X zoom lens can cover almost any situation, except shots of birds at a distance, and the moons of Jupiter!

If I had a LX3 as my only camera with me, I think I might need to use the EOZ quite often to stretch it further than 2.5X.

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