Help with ultracompact/compact

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TZ5 is a great choice (5 pics)

mgn2 wrote:

Thanks Marty for all the details. Very helpful indeed. I am leaning
towards the tz5 or the 28. The g1 seems like overkill, the
ultracompacts don't seem to me enough and the lx3 is just too
specialized for wide angle shooting.

I have both the LX3 and TZ5, and to be honest, both are among the best compact cameras I've ever owned (I've had several Canons, Fujis in the past). Very different uses, but both are great for what they do.

If want an all-round, very compact, "best in breed" travel zoom camera, at a very reasonable price, the TZ5 is fantastic! Amazingly small but HUGE capabilities. Lots of pics have been posted in the forum in the past. The LX3 is great too, but more specialized. The FZ28 is very good, but much bigger. The TZ5 you can take anywhere, anytime.

For comparison, here's a post from a few weeks ago, with some of my LX3 pics.

Below are some random TZ5 shots from the past week. Good luck with your final decision.

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