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Erik Ohlson
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Re: TZ5 sample images

Marty4650 wrote:

I really wouldn't even consider it for a 10X or 18X camera, but for a
4X or 5X camera it might come in very handy sometimes.

I'm not positive why you say you "wouldn't consider it for a 10x camera" - it performs extremely well at 10x.

Here's a cropped & enlarged 10x photo of the planet Jupiter, and 4 of it's moons [3 above, left - and one almost lost in the glare of the planet below, right.]:

This was taken with a TZ-3, same lens as the TZ-5. The slight blurring is due to the Earth's movement during the approx. 1 second exposure. The other spots are stars.

I'd say: "Not bad for a 10x pocket camera!"


I really like my TZ-5 ! - Cheers, -Erik
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