Help with ultracompact/compact

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Re: Help with ultracompact/compact

These are some VERY different cameras with VERY diferent capabilities.

Before you buy anything, first decide what you WANT and what you NEED. Then select from a camera that fills those best.

mgn2 wrote:

I am trying to narrow down a choice between:


These three are very similar ultracompacts. The first two are wider, the last one can capture RAW files, if that is important to you. The FX150 is pretty much an FX37 with Aperature and Shutter priority and a 3" LCD


This is a very versatile compact travel zoom camera. A good all around pocket cam. Has a 10X zoom (28-280mm), and a high resolution 3" LCD.


This is a compact superzoom camera. Can do just about anything. Has an 18X zoom (27-486mm), can manually focus, and is RAW capable.


This is a high end enthusiast camera. Has a small 2.5X zoom range (24-60mm) but also has a very fast (f/2.0) and wide lens. Can manually focus, is RAW capable, and has a high resolution 3" LCD. A really GREAT street shooter.


This is a large sensor DSLR replacement, which uses interchangeable lenses. It can manual focus, is RAW capable, and has a high resolution LCD. This is the only camera on your list that will give you decent performance in low light/high ISO shooting due to it's much larger sensor.

As a point of reference, I've owned a Canon Digital Rebel with an
18-55mm lens, and an SD700IS. I enjoyed both, but I am looking for
more out of my next camera - wide-angle, longer zoom, better handling
in low-light situations, decent battery life, and somewhat compact.

There really is no such camera, but the G1 will probably come closest.

I've decided to go with Panasonic this time, to take advantage of the
Leica lenses. I take most of my pictures on vacation and hate lugging
around heavy equipment which is why I switched from the Canon SLR to
the ultracompact Elph. I've read the specs of the cameras above, but
I'd appreciate some help deciding.

For a vacation camera, it's very hard to beat the TZ5 for versatility and portability. If you shoot in good light, it will get excellent results. If you need something with more capability, and don't mind a larger size camera, the FZ28 is a great choice.

Panasonic FZ30, LX2, TZ5
Olympus E-510, Zuiko 12-42mm, 40-150mm

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