EOS 5D Mark II without Video Recommendation

Started Nov 24, 2008 | Discussions thread
Jay Turberville Forum Pro • Posts: 12,917
Re: Excellent. Thanks, Jay...

I'm not sure if the subsequent models work this way, but I'm pretty
sure that they do.

I hope so. Sounds very convenient. Can you confirm? I'm putting
together a new liveview FAQ. New website is going up next week:
Joomla CMS, I've got a dozen cool articles, revisions to all my
existing FAQs, etc.

I just confirmed (via the E-3 PDF manual) that the E-3 does this in the same or similar way. You simply assign the Live Preview to the Fn button. I'm not going to verify it for all models, but it seems pretty reasonable to assume that the cameras made between E-330 and E-3 would do it the same way.

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