Where in the Sydney N.S.W area should I go to buy a D90

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Re: Where in the Sydney N.S.W area should I go to buy a D90

As suggested previously, check out these forums for as much information as you can get or need, then once you have a fairly clear idea of what you want then you could check out the following as good locations to purchase equipment.

Most retailers are helpful, however I've found on occasion that unless you have done some homework and have even a reasonable idea about what you want, they often just give you generic information and tell you "have a think about this & that" ... There are also SO many options available for lenses and camera body extras, your budget can climb quite quickly - something to be careful of. Having an idea of what you "really" need will help keep this under control - unless budget is not an issue .... then I'd like a D3 also !! ;-))

There are many many camera shops to choose from, I've had good experiences with the following:

http://www.cameras.net.au/ - excellent knowledge and good prices - I bought my D80 + lenses there about 2 years back.

http://www.d-d-photographics.com.au/ - good prices and helpful - although this is NOT a shop for browsing in, more of a collection point.

Happy snapping !!.

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