Getting less camera for your money these days?

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Getting less camera for your money these days?

I think so. Think about it, you used to be able to get a flip screen, 1 1/8 sensor, 4AA batteries on a Canon Powershot for $200 or less.

The A610 was the best Canon Powershot ever made, because I feel the 5MP sensor does best in P&S.

Now if you want those feautures in an A series you're forced to spend well over $300 for an A650IS!

Canon should've made an A610/A620 model with IS and 6x zoom, could've been called the A660/A670IS. (5mp/7mp)

The A720IS, despite the lack of a flip screen and smaller sensor is my 2nd fav Powershot. It should have continued in production.

The A1000/A2000 and E series never should've seen the light of day. 10MP on a tiny sesnor, no Tv/Av and inability to accept filters is a joke. Not even an optical viewfinder on the A2000! Its more or less an SD series. Canon is alienating longtime customers. I see the displeasure in consumer's faces when they are in the store looking at the new models. They are now forced to look at more expensive models just to hold onto the features that their old camera had!

The A590IS is the only A series left with manual control and filter avail, I wonder how long that one will last before we are only left with the 3 lame cameras that are the A1000, A2000, and E1.

What ever happened to "dont fix it if it aint broke". The A720IS was one of their best selling cameras, so was the A610, and they discontinue them?

I'm glad there were alot of great Canon Powershot A series cameras around when I was getting started. For those getting started now the choices are much more limited, at least with Canon anyway.
Some prorgress,huh?

(my 1st post was better but Optimum Online crapped out on me once again and I lost it)

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