new Vincent Laforet 5D MK II video

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Sal Baker wrote:

Chato wrote:

Without going into the "merits" of this option, this is simply Canon
propaganda. Because that's who pays him to make this stuff.
This option may or may not be worthwhile, but I for one will never
buy a product based on company advertising.

Who cares about his opinions? It's the quality of the actual video
that's convincing.

Don't be distracted by the subject matter (helicopters, models,
etc.), pull down some original clips and put them through your own
tests. The video quality is superb even if the camera will be more
difficult to shoot than a dedicated video camera.


When I go to purchase any product, there are usually manufacturere's "samples" around. If I bought, let us say a printer based on these samples, my apartment would be full of useless junk.

Or perhaps I should post ad samples from some cheap digicam, taken by a professional, and say, "You too will be off and running with high quality images as soon as you purchase the new Bell & Howell digital wonder camera!"
And if you re-read my post, I scrupulously avoid criticising the actual product.

No offense, but I learned this lesson forty five years ago.


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