Kodak Ektar sample scans!

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yes, here -ektar samples- with a few color corrections...

yes, of course... i've color corrected a bit on these few. i was worried if i did ANY sort of adjustments that peeps here would have my head, saying that is 'post-processing'. which, uhhhhh, actually it is.

so, i've given you:

  • straight from my pro lab and my scanner

  • straight from costco and their full auto scanner

now some modestly color corrected and adjusted scans. and honestly, without a true film profile in silverfast, i would EXPECT to color correct at the least. the great thing about having a darkroom AND a lightroom is the flexibility it offers in delivering what you originally envision. (IMHO anyways).

this first still looks a bit 'off' to my eyes. i'm guessing i dint 'nail' exposure and might've been responsible for inaccurate color on my actual film capture(?).

shade & direct daylight in this one:

thanks for your kind words honeybadger... sorry no ektar squirrel shots on these two rolls... i've got plenty of other squirrel captures though. maybe i can dig up one on another film type? hey! how about strawberries though? both on ektar.

and bell peppers:

sadly, not a single reply from the samples & galleries forum where this REALLY IS SUPPOSED TO BE POSTED, eh?. sigh

happy gobble day.

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