Canon SX10 IS...the "Real" next G series

Started Nov 26, 2008 | Discussions thread
Marianne Oelund Veteran Member • Posts: 7,788
I can only speak for myself

Jim wrote:

Question to the readership...

What the prevailing opinion on the Canon SX10IS and do you feel it's
really closer to what we're looking for in a G series camera?

It seems that way to me based on features but what say others?

I bought one of these for attending events where SLRs are not permitted, and I've made a few comparisons against other current offerings (Nikon P60, Fuji S100fs).

Regarding IQ, I do not find differences which make any one model a standout, except that I prefer the much finer noise grain of the SX10 against the S100. The latter has very blotchy chroma noise in the shadows which will show up even in small prints.

What matters most to me for its intended purpose, is the ability to take sharp photos at long telephoto indoors, i.e., the AF and IS performance. The AF works very well and is satisfactorily fast, but I must say I'm absolutely amazed with the IS on this camera. At full telephoto, I can consistently take photos down to 1/10 sec shutter that are pixel-sharp. For the relatively still subjects I intend to photograph with this camera, that capability is critical, and the SX10 is the only P&S I've tried so far which can achieve it.

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