Camera Raw 5.2 is out, with LX3 support!

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Re: Absolutely correct, linear DNG is basically a TIFF

Linear DNG is just a fancy word for TIFF. So currently neither
Aperture nor Adobe can really read these raw files, Adobe manages to
extract a tiff-like image out of the raw files which is better than a
jpeg since it is presumably 16-bit (and not 8-bit like the jpeg),
does not contain any compression artifacts and presumably also
contains a wider tonal range than the jpeg.
But on top of it this is a TIFF with a lens correction already
applied, pre-chewed nails it.

In terms of file format, yes, but not the same in terms of image content.

A usual TIFF file that comes out the back end of a raw converter has already been rendered, i.e., it has been mapped to a standard color space, it has been tone mapped, white balancing has been done, etc. More technically, the image is output-referred.

In contrast, the linear DNG is still scene-referred and can still benefit from many of the operations typically performed by a raw converter, such as white balance, the application of a camera color profile, HDR compositing, etc.

So the underlying internal file format looks similar, but the actual image contents and the types of operations that can be applied to that image are quite different.

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