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Re: shooting in the "Raw"

Thomas wrote:

For those of you that thought I was referring to nudity, sorry.

How much space do the raw files take up? Is it advantageous to
shoot RAW at a wedding for example? Or does it take up too much
space on the cards?

I am a S1 user anxiously awaiting my S2 which should be here in
about a week...any info on RAW you can give me is
appreciated--especially as it applies to large family wall
portraits as this has been the only thing I have had problems with
on the S1. How is the Fuji software that comes with the camera?

All Raw format files are just over 12+ megabytes.
The advantage, in my view is that you get the full resolution image.

Saving the same file as RGB.TIF would have yielded a 35+ meg file and you can't make changes like you can in processing Raw files.

Since the original raw image file is not touched you can make multiple copies at different image sizes and other settings. Compare them, use small ones for web pages, use the largest ones for great prints.

Raw format saved my bacon this morning.

Last night the shots I was doing were with available incandesant light in the living room. Today I prepared to replace the old rusty garden windmill of my wife's with a new one. I wanted before and after photos.

I set up the tripod, composed the shot and took several including her and our dog.
Then I took the old windmill down, put the new one in and shot more pictures.
I got in the house and found that I had failed to check the camera settings.
(of course I know no one else ever does that)

I had left the color on "Incandesant" so all the shots outside were very much too blue. I began thinking about what Photoshop settings I would use to do the color correction. Then I looked at them with Finepix Viewer, clicked on them and started up the Raw Image convertor.

Then instead of selecting "camera settings" for the image conversion I selected "custom settings", changed the color to "Fine" (I don't know why they don't call that "Daylight") and made a couple of other setting changes for sharpness, set the size at 1440 X 960 and let it do the conversions.

Before you do the conversion you can see what the results of the settings you select in the preview window.

Saved me a lot of fiddling with Photoshop

If there's one feature of the S2 I like compared to the S1, it's gotta be the Raw file mode.

By the way, if you view the images from the camera memory in the Fuji Finepix viewer you can click on an icon in the viewer to start either a version that saves a .tiff file with all the Exif info intact or just some of the Exif info. The raw files can be saved as two different type of 16 bit files for use with Photoshop or other apps that can handle 16 bit or as 8 bit sRGB files.

Have fun

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