It's official: I've entered the darkside

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Re: It's official: I've entered the darkside

Good question

If I had choosen the 5D II I'd obviosly had to wait until it was available before I could get it. But I think we pretty much knows it's strong points and weakness.

I choose Nikon for:
AF system (the 5D II is pretty much like 5D - so we know what its like)
14-24 - Canon can't mach this one
24-70 - slightly better than Canons

200 f2.0 VR - haven't bought this yet, but canons version costs alomost twice as much

High ISO preformance - I don't know how good it is on the 5D II, but I know the Nikon is good. I don't think the 5D II will match it, if it does, great for 5D II users!
AE - easy to swich AE mode, visible in viewfinder, better spotmetering etc etc.
5fps for sports, possible 8fps (It's fast!!) with batterygrip

It was a difficult choise, pro Canon was:
35L 1.4 love this lens - Nikon can't match it
50L 1.2
21mp - If it's not giving more ISO noise it's definetly better than 12.

I was looking for the best total package, and in the end I belive that AF-AE and speed of the D700 will serve me better than more mp.

That said, I'm still at work and haven't unpaced it yet......

SolitaryMan wrote:

Just wondering, what made you decide to go with the D700 over the
5DII when the 5DII is not even on the street?

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