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Re: Resolution versus detail......

John Sheehy wrote:

Lin Evans wrote:

Sorry John,

I left my crystal ball at the office. I didn't design the Canon jpg

You don't need a crystal ball to see bad processing of RAW data.

I can't tell from your postage stamp post........

It's a 100% crop. It's small because it is only a fraction of the
entire image, but contains ALL of the area in which your particular
critique, which I am replying to, refers.

No, the BS is coming from the peanut gallery - you seem always to
have an opinion based on what? Your extensive experience with the
Foveon processor?

I don't have to handle one to see what it does; the only
user-controlled parameters are choice of subject and exposure, which
are not the topic here.

Which part of greater color resolution uniformity don't you

Which part of "I wasn't talking about that" don't you understand?
Regardless; it is a difference in conversion style, as anyone who
knows anything knows. The sky is not blown out in the 50D RAW, and
even if it were, it would be something the user should know when
using the camera and adjust for.

Which part of better dynamic range don't you understand?

The 50D has much better DR than the SD14. Stop kidding yourself.
SD14 shadows are almost unusable because of the blotchy blue/green
noise. I've seen it in black hair at ISO 100.

Thats only when the image is underexposed.
End of thread!

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