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Re: Resolution versus detail......

Gene Hack wrote:


Your incorrect here and You know that.
What You claim has no proof in real life.
Black hair ALWAYS shows noise @ ISO 100.
The only time when You have little to zero noise is @ 50 ISO.

Stop claiming what is untrue and try to convince people with Your
While the SD14 is a great camera, it has weakness wherever there is
low light,
aka the light has too little power to cross the silicon.
Therefore it has plenty of headroom in the light.


This picture you posted is an early SD14 shot (2007/4/14) at 200iso with the earliest firmware version 1.0 (v1.8 is available right now) and processed through the earliest SPP (v.3 now). So, SD14 and post processing can do much better today.


hairexample I found on Carls site:

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