D700 vs 5DII vs A900

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Re: D700 vs 5DII vs A900

font9a wrote:

What do you think of Sony as a future DSLR platform for the future?

Will they bring Creative Lighting innovations to the table?

Will they incorporate Minolta braintrust into the DSLR business unit?

My bet is they will wither on the vine with a few technically fine
products (A900) but will fail to produce systems that pros can rely
on for years and years ad years.

This is only a guess, but if the Sony Walkman was still around and
hadn't had it's ass handed to it by the deluge of awesome MP3 players
(especially the Apple iPod) we might trust Sony as a
consumer-oriented company.

They are totally Q1-Q4 focused on delivering new products at whatever
the the compromise to quality/confidence/performance. I am willing to
bet they sell the DSLR division within 5 years. Maybe to

I have to disagree with your rationale. I'm not going debate the 5 year business plan of sony. The point is they will most likely be around seeing as how their DSLR line is certainly gaining momentum and a fan base, the a900 cannot be ignored untill the next wave comes. They have zeiss auto focus lenses and a large line of minolta lenses to choose from so no problems in the near future.

But lets for arguments sake say in 5 years they ditch their DSLR program. How does this effect which camera to buy now? So sell your lenses and get a new system. It's not the end of the world. I think some people have some kind of an emotional attachment to their camera gear? I know it looks so nice an shiney and technical but you can replace it with new goodies from a different brand (your girlfriend will never know the difference)

I'm also at the hard decision point of choosing between the 5Dmk2 or A900. I currently have a 5D and 8 canon lenses. For the lenses, I'll sell them all no problem (at the exact same price I bought them for used, if not making about a 10 gain or possibly loss on them.)

I'm just saying what is the point of speculating that far to the future when now is the time. Who knows maybe by that time Sigma will catch up resolution wise and be blasting everyone away with their great colours.


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