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Lin Evans
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Re: Resolution versus detail......

Well John,


Which part of better dynamic range don't you understand?

The 50D has much better DR than the SD14. Stop kidding yourself.
SD14 shadows are almost unusable because of the blotchy blue/green
noise. I've seen it in black hair at ISO 100.

You ignorance of the Foveon processor and Sigma SD14 processing is exceeded only by your arrogance.

I see greater shadow detail in the SD14 conversion than in the 50D
conversion and I don't see blown highlights. That says greater
dynamic range to me....

If that says that, you are a very simple soul. Both cameras have
various style/quality settings for in-camera JPEGs.

Which is immaterial to this discussion. This "simple soul" then believes you are blind.

Let me hold the mirror for you to see the "Bee Ess" - LOL

Where BS is the fat, you won't find much leaner than I. I am only
interested in the truth.

Truth? Whose truth? What you are interested in, as evidenced by your continued harping, is arguing your tiresome "I see aliasing" tome and promoting your "I want to see greater pixel density" and "all cameras need an AA filter" dissertation. It didn't go unnoticed that you once again attempted to bait people in this thread who thankfully, ignored your comment...


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