Kodak Ektar sample scans!

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*warning* LARGE FILES: Kodak Ektar scans **

i've also posted this in 'sample & galleries' forum to share w/ our non-nikonians... i hope the kind folks of dpreview can forgive this transgression... okay, so large scans are here. again, "ektar1" scans were on my microtek artixscan m1 pro using silverfast. some USM, no add'l PP after scanning- processed by my local prolab (NewLab). "ektar2" scans are from my local costco, done w/ developing.

personally, i LOVE the fact there is no grain AT ALL. but i think i love fuji reala color more. just my taste. YMMV. to my eyes, color seems more 'accurate' than 'saturated' as kodak is claiming. for this over-saturated look, i'd rather use the lomo 100 ASA film anyways.

well, there you have it. for all you who wish to critique & comment, please feel free- i welcome it. but making remarks like i've recently gotten to "go back and read my manual and learn photography" aren't gonna help inspire me to keep posting things for OTHERS' benefit.

it took me time and money, so keep that in mind please. also, i tried some open shade, some sun, some skin tones, some architecture, blue skies, and bright colored subjects... some w/ deep contrasts and harsh shadow roll-off. so this should give a fairly versatile range of the film... but not necessarily MY technical ability.

no additional post-processing was done to remove dust, sharpen, correct color, etc. a couple of the ektar1 scans you may notice are in Adobe 1998 RGB colorspace, the rest are sRGB. that's about it.

take it all FWIW. and Happy Gobble Day. cheers.

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