Kodak Ektar sample scans!

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Kodak Ektar sample scans!

I've gone thru two rolls and decided i would try to help some others, if i can offer my humble and modest abilities to show this new or rejuvenated film.

personally, i'm not sure it's right for me. my local film supplier gave me a roll, along w/ a roll of Fuji Across 100 b&w, and a roll of Fuji Provia 400x (chrome/transparency) to 'test' and give feedback on... all are 35mm film. and it goes without saying, YMMV.

personally... i'm not sure ektar is for me. i'm a fuji reala guy, and still in love w/ film for this very reason. i want the saturated tones and color channel separation that reala strikes my eyes as having... tough to get in PP, although some others (pursits?) would call bubble-gummy colors, perhaps.

the first roll of acros was NOT good. i dint realize it should've truly been rated at ISO 64. ran first roll at ISO 100 (rated), xtol 1:1... pretty flat unremarkable results. second roll (yes, i went and BOUGHT a second!)... beautiful: rated ISO 64, xtol 1:1 processed at rated (100 ASA).

Provia 400x. well, not sure i'd go slide film at ISO 400, but this is truly the only player in that game i s'pose. i'd prolly stay w/ others (sensia... or UGH! kodak vc400), but don't care to shoot ISO 400 color film too often anyways.

small ektar scans below. LARGE scans in next post (if you're still on dial-up, you've prolly got more to worry about than viewing my modest film scans- eh? scans varied... 'ektar1' files are processed by my local pro lab (NewLab) and scanned by me thru my microtek artixscan m1 pro w/ silverfast, no add'l PP. 'ektar2' scans are local costco, w/ processing- just to 'test' color space difference of my scanner as well as get valid outside reference.

used: F100 w/ nikon 135/2 DC:

used: F100 w/ mostly sigma 24-70/2.8 AND b+w kaeseman CPL:

i dunno, might've used a vivitar series one 28/2 lens on the ferry building shot... don't remember. yes, on the right of last image is Amit Gupta- founder of photojojo. shot during treasure island photo event last weekend, here in san francisco bay area. if it matters, shot w/ couple on pier w/ bay bridge and shot w/ amit are using my nikon 135/2 DC.

again, large scans in next post! you've been warned!


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