Photography courses in Sunnyvale CA(USA)

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Re: Photography courses in Sunnyvale CA(USA)

I don't think H1B stops you from taking any courses. After a year in California, since you are legal resident you can take classes at colleges/universities at resident rate, which is much cheaper than non-resident or foreign student visa.

Since you are in Sunnyvale, Mission College has this class:
Advisory: GRART064 or ART034A
Acceptable for credit: California State University
This introductory course focuses on photography as a creative medium. Emphasis

will be placed on aesthetics, composition, content and the technical and creative
design skills required to create effective digital images using digital cameras
and a variety of software packages. The basic principles of creating spatial
illusion and the practical applications of using Quicktime VR are also explored.
The students develop an understanding of creative image development in a
series of hands on exercises. A basic understanding of Adobe Photoshop and
computer system operation is required. Pass/No Pass Option.

My advice is, go out and shoot pictures. There are lots of parks and nature reserves in the valley and around the bay area for nature photography (my favorite is Point Lobos State Reserve, great coastline there). SF is a great city for street photography.

Pretty much everyone will tell you that the best way to learn wedding photography is to be assistant to experienced wedding photographer. Since H1B will prevent you from working for anyone but your employer, I think your best bet is just to get invited to your friends weddings and learn there. Just don't ever promise them anything great, don't take money for your pictures and don't get in the way of the pro they hired (but watch what he is doing).

Other than that, just go buy some book about dSLR photography, read it and probably ignore it anyway. I didn't even read the book I have bought

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