Bayer - Foveon comparison

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Don't make the 100% view mistake

Sirluke wrote:

50D photosite are very small (4.7um pixel pitch) compared to sigma's
7.8um, so the SD14 only needs a lens capable of resolving details of
7.8um, while the 50D needs a lens much finer and expensive

Only if you are comparing by simply enlarging to 100% view instead of the same size print. For the same size print, you need the same quality of lenses. The only way a lens looks worse is if you are enlarging the abberations/diffraction more. The number of photosites doesn't matter except that an image may become pixel limited rather than lens limited. If it's lens limited you can always downscale and sharpen until it's pixel limited. But if it's pixel limited to start then there is nothing you can do except stitch (which effectively reduces the enlargement factor.).

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