Bayer - Foveon comparison

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Re: What really matters...

What everyone should do is simply make an A3 print from both, tape it to your wall, stand back a foot or two and see if you can see any difference. A lot of detail gets changed on the way from your camera to the printer, which largely negates the immaterial differences in resolution between the SD14 and other cameras. (Just look at the difference---or lack of--between the D2X and the 1DsII when that was a hot debating point.) Ideally, a photographer needs to really base a purchasing decision on comparative prints. Unfortunately that only leaves Phil's studio shots from RAW and the far field test from Imaging Resource. To really see a difference, especially in foliage, you need to move up the 20+ MP. Just download the Imaging Resource far field shot between any 12MP camera and the Sony A900 make some test print crops on 8x11 paper.

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