Bayer - Foveon comparison

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Re: What really matters...

hi Brit,

What you wrote is what most people believe. It just the same old people and a few dotted on the forum with less than 500 posts who seem to be the ones who can't grasp the concept of what photography is. It seems it is more or less a brand issue nor do they like the idea there are a few people who like the Foveon concept, it's not mainstream enough for them or feel they are the only ones that can see correctly. They seem to think it's obvious.


brittonx wrote:

Are you happy with the images your Camera / Sensor produces?
That is what counts.

Me, I am delighted and impressed with the images the DP1 produces.
I am also happy with the SD14 images. I still have a lot to learn to
get the very best out of it but I'm getting there.

Obviously, there are massive numbers of people who are happy with
their bayer-sensor cameras. That's okay too.

It is great that we have a choice.

"Better" is a subjective term when comparing image capturing
technologies. What is "better" depends on what is important to the
individual and is not the same from one person to the next.


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