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Re: Be careful what you ask for

I found something similar when I first got my Kodak 14n. Zoom lenses that had worked find on my D100 suddenly seemed to have blurry corners. Martin Wood from Kodak said "Use primes". I did and the corners got sharp.

Unfortunately, the kodak's lens optimisation database didn't like my prime lenses and gave them all stripey colouir casts but that's another story...

Jaelkay wrote:

Adam-T wrote:

otherwise you MAY get it ......

Most if not all of Sigma's standard zooms aren't pretty on full frame
unless Heavily stopped down, the edges on the likes of the 24-60,
24-70 and 28-70 EX DG Macros don't get reasonable until F8 or smaller
is achieved and the typical Sigma sample variation omn these lenses
means that you'll be trawling through crates of the things to find
one which is any good full stop - the wider EX primes are just as
bad or worse on FF (the 24 F1.8 EX needs F16 and the 14mm never makes
it) .. Unless Sigma plan on using the EOS mount or even Nikon so you
can use their glass, I really hope they avoid full frame like the
plague ..

I agree with you totally, Adam.

I recently purchased a Sigma 24-70 f2.8 to use on my Nikon D700. The
centres, at all apertures, were very sharp, but move away from the
middle third of the image at apertures greater than f8 and the edges
fell to pieces.

I was being a cheapskate in hoping the Sigma would save me having to
buy the Nikkor 24-70. Didn't work as I'd hoped, I'm afraid.


What they would benefit from is using a 1.5X crop as all their APS
lenses handle that crop factor and it gives a bit more real estate.

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